Engagement Sessions

5 Reasons to have an Engagement Shoot!


Congratulations on your recent engagement! Now you are probably deciding on weather or not you want to have an engagement session. An engagement sessions is a "pre-wedding"  photography session that turns into a collection of cheerful memories! 

There are many reasons why you should take an engagement session but I will list my five main reasons on why you should have an engagement shoot! 

1) You'll have amazing photos prior to the wedding

Now who doesn't want professional photos of them? With professional photos from your engagement shoot, you can use them for save-the-date invitations, reception decorations, or just really awesome photos to have. Oh and maybe you would also like to show off your professional photos on social media!

2) Practice (trial run) before your wedding

Most engaged couples probably never had professional photos of themselves and this is the chance! This is a great opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera to avoid any kind of camera shyness before your big day. With an engagement session, you will see how your photographer takes pictures and it will only make everything easier for you on your wedding day.

3) You get to know your photographer

Your photographer is more than someone who will snap photos on your wedding. Getting to know your photographer allows you to build trust and you won't feel as if a stranger is snapping photos on your day. Fact: you will see your photographer more than any other vendor on your wedding!

4) Your photographer gets to know you

Relating to number 3 above. Your photographer is more than just someone who will snap photos on your wedding. Establishing a relationship with your photographer prior to the wedding will allow you to have a much better experience. Your wedding photos will be much better as a result! Also, as a skilled professional, your photographer will want to get to know you and your fiancé to capture the timeless moments because the photos are all about you. 

DSC06334-2 copy2.jpg

5) It's FUN!

Engagement sessions can be an excuse to step aside from work to have some fun! But more importantly, it is a chance to get creative for photos and your photographer will make sure that the engagement session is fun!


Ready for your engagement session? Watch the short video below for some quick tips!